When it comes to online marketing, the first step that you need to do is to ensure that your website is fully functionally and performing optimally. This can be done by monitoring the website analytics and conducting extensive tests. When you employ basic analytics software for website testing purpose, you can come to know important information such as the pages that are experiencing trouble, how quickly visitors exit your website, the number of people that browse your website and so on. Cutting edge software use mouse and click tracking to furnish their users with information like what the people click on your website and the links that they are attempting to visit. While such advanced software is cool to have, in most cases the basic software is sufficient!

As mentioned earlier, in order to understand the changes to make on your website and online marketing campaign, you need to carry out continuous tests on your website. Those who design the websites are not familiar with the website’s usability concerns and problem areas because they are working too closely with the website to notice these. Hence, they tend to miss out navigation problems that are faced by external visitors. Thus, instead of asking the designers, it would be more beneficial for you to get honest and accurate feedback from outsiders because they will tell the truth which will be very helpful for online marketing.

Just like online marketing moves, one has to be very careful when changing one’s website. There is no need of rushing into changes; instead, one should use the A/B testing method in order to have things slow and steady. By making little changes to the website, such as fonts, layouts, etc and waiting for it to fetch response, one can make the website turn over a new leaf, one step at a time of course. By introducing changes slowly and steadily, you will also be able to find out exactly what caused the drop in terms of the website’s users or visitors.


Optimizing Your Website’s Design

Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, President & Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management


If you believe that these are issues that are troubling your online marketing campaigns and your website are preventing visitors from engaging and meeting the goals of your site, this could cause some panic. You shouldn’t worry, however, as it isn’t necessary to redesign your site from the ground up in order to increase its efficacy and the returns that you are getting from your online marketing efforts. There are a number of small tweaks that will dramatically enhance your website design and your online marketing returns.

Changing the font is the first, easy step that you can take to update and freshen your web pages so that your site is easier to use overall. Simply create several test pages using different colors and fonts and then run a test to see how people like these changes and respond to them. You might like the look of a particular font but could discover during the testing phase that other people are having a hard time reading it. You are also able to use this test to alter placement and sizing in order to see which options capture the most attention.

Altering the background image or color on your site is just as easy and just as effective. Use photos that are interesting and engaging rather than stock photography and chose colors that fit your brand and your brand personality. Also, make sure to try out different versions, given that people who implement these designs are usually too close to them to identify problems when critiquing them.

Altering the logo of your brand is something else that you can do quickly and easily. The logo is frequently hidden at the bottom of the site or if it is placed at the top it might be too small. You want people who visit your pages to know that they are on the correct pages for you brand and you want them to recognize your brand immediately and thus, the logo should be prominent. Do not go overboard and make this so big that it takes up the whole screen as you want the site to be aesthetically pleasing overall just like all of your other online marketing efforts.

Make Your Website Design Stand Out

It must be absolutely and immediately clear to any visitor to your website what your company or product is, and having an easy to use website is one of the most important aspects of online marketing.  Many online users who simply cannot figure out what a website is trying to tell them or what the company specializes in will simply move on to the next site in the search engine listings.  Most of us have done that before.

Online marketing is all about attracting new customers and keeping your existing ones, and you can increase your chances of doing that by having visually appealing and informative text and images. Your website is not as appealing to customers if your images are boring or out of focus, or are obviously stock photos. You only have a few seconds to get your point across and get the customer’s attention, making it essential to do everything you can to attract and keep someone’s attention. You should consider redesigning your website if you feel it is confusing, difficult to navigate or it isn’t obvious what your company or product is all about.

Consider the basics of color theory when designing your website, and most of us have a grasp of such concepts as red meaning exciting and lively, and blue meaning calm or peaceful. The colors you use can say a lot about you and your company and brand. Using gray and blue colors are not likely to get any visitor to your site excited, although that doesn’t mean you cant use those colors. Some color combinations are hard to read and should be avoided when trying to be effective at online marketing, such as dark text against a dark background or neon colors.

Is Website Design Affecting Your Visitors?

Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, President & Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management


When developing your website you included all the information you thought you customers would need, including pictures and other relevant content. You’ve worked to optimize and promote it across various online channels, and you have brought many visits to the site. Even though you have these visits, your site is not performing as it should, and these potential customers are exiting the site without doing any of the website’s goals. The reason for these issues might be something simple- the website’s design is causing users to become frustrated and leave.

When customers come to a website most don’t ever scroll down into an area called ‘past the fold’. Despite this, many websites put the site’s navigation or important information at the bottom of the page, causing visitors to see the top of the page, not see navigation, and leave the page. A similar issue is caused by wanting to add in content for the website the page got filled with too much information and now necessary parts are hidden and difficult to find. Consumers don’t spend much time looking on websites, and if they can’t find what they need quickly they will exit the website and try another, who will most likely be your competitor.

It’s also necessary to think about the size, color, and font of the text on the site. Too large or tiny can make it hard to read, and some colors are difficult to read when used together. Having too many different fonts can also make it harder to read. Step back from your site and see if you can read it from a distance and search out all the important navigation within a few seconds; if you can’t then your website’s design is part of the problem.

The Power Of Online Marketing

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Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, President & Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management

In such times where a lot of things revolve around the internet, online marketing is crucial for any business starting out or already functional. Therefore for that entrepreneur beginning his/her SEO campaign, there is need to create local listings of the business on major search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Such listings ensure that the business name pops on location results when searched.

Apart from the listings on search engines, effective online marketing will require one to establish a website. The website should be accessible via mobile phone device. The reason for this is that a large percentage of people have smart phones and they use these mobile phones to search for products or services in different areas. If one has a site that customers find it hard to view it via the phone, the customer will search for a competitor offering the same service/product whose website can be accessed via the phone.

When listing the business, keyword use should be optimized. The listing should be created similar to the business name, physical/registered address and business contacts. Failure to do so will impact negatively to the listings and hence one’s hard work will go to waste.

Lastly, one should always encourage clients to leave comments about the website. When a review has been left, it is always good to comment back to thank customers for their feedback. For the negative reviews, necessary action should be taken to resolve the issue of contention in order to attract future clients. Following such simple online marketing tips will ensure a business reaches greater heights.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Local SEO Campaigns

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Although local SEO is a very effective way to reach targeted in audiences in your area who are already looking for your services, it has be used properly and there are a number of specific mistakes that you must avoid. If you make these mistakes, they can have a negative impact on your listing, rather than helping it and if too many errors are made, you website could be punished by search engines with a low ranking.

The biggest mistake that a company might make is creating several different accounts through a single search engine, thereby resulting in duplicate listings. This is a major red flag to search engines, which will then rank the site lower. You might think that you can can increase exposure and boost your online marketing returns by having multiple accounts for a single location, but this is simply not true.

The next mistake that a lot of companies make in their online marketing campaigns and when creating local listings is not using the same information in every listing. It important for listings to be identical across the board or else this could place each listing in competition with the others, thereby lowering your ranking. This commonly happens when addresses have slight changes such as “Rd” in one listing and “Road” in the other, or using a different telephone number.

Businesses can also make the mistake of failing to perform keyword research for their online marketing campaigns and SEO endeavors and good keyword research must be used in their listings. This is a vital place to optimize for keywords and doing diligent research will additionally increase exposure for non-local searches.

How Does Local SEO Help a Business Get Found

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Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, President & Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management

Does your business have a specific location? If so, it is important that customers are able to find you based on the location they type into the search results — this can all be done through online marketing. Sure, you may be ranking high for general keywords and that is good, but you also need to reach out to people who are in your specific area. In online marketing, there is a technique called local SEO. Through this technique, you will be able to reach customers in your area.

More and more people are starting to use mobile devices to search the world wide web. Due to this reason, local SEO is even more important. It is also important that you make sure your business shows up in mobile search results. With a mobile search, the location is automatically included in the individuals search results.

Yes, local SEO will help with general rankings. When a business is strong in local search results, the business will be seen as more reputable in overall results. If you have a good local SEO strategy, but your competitor doesn’t have one, you will come across as being more relevant than your competitor.

When people are searching for your niche/business, it is important that they are able to find you. Online marketing is not something you should ignore – if you’re not familiar with it, there are many companies out there who can help you.

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