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Mobile Media Campaigns are a must for Retailers

A mobile media campaign is a must for retailers during the holidays.  Retailers should start building their mobile consumer opt-in list immediately and make an ongoing commitment to expand their list each month.  During the hectic holiday season, on the go consumers are bombarded with competing, print ads, commercials, e-mails and direct mail.  Many of these ads are either missed, end up in the trash or are dumped into the spam folder.

So how do you cut through all of the noise and clutter of holiday advertising and get your message into the hands of consumers. Simple, people take their cell phones with them everywhere and use them for everything, including texting, calling, social media, email, product and business reviews, directions, phone numbers, local search and more.  So send your message, via text, right to the palm of their hand, within seconds, wherever their hectic holiday schedule takes them.

  • 97% of all SMS messages are opened
  • 83% are opened within one hour
  • Utilize the 90210 short code, and get your message into the hands of consumers when they are ready to buy.

Yes, you can have access to the most widely recognized and powerful 5 digit code in mobile media marketing – 90210. Use the 90210 code to build your opt-in list, update customers, promote specials, provide last minute shopping ideas and increase your bottom line in the process.

Mobile text based marketing campaigns are being used successfully now, by restaurants, retailers, real estate agents, school systems, doctor’s offices and just about any business you can imagine that needs to communicate with today’s on the go consumers. We can help you get started with packages as low as $99.95 a month.

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