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What are the 4 most important things to do now, to market your business online.

What are the 4 most important things a SMB can do now, to enhance their online presence, protect their reputation, create a positive buzz about their business and grow the bottom line? Well, today we’ll talk about #1 and we’ll save the next 3 for future post.

First, as with any good plan, we must start with the end in mind, bottom line profit. That’s why we are in business, to make a profit, right? So where do we start, your website of course. Your website is the online representation of your company to today’s consumer. It all starts with your website and it’s not enough to have a website that just looks good and is “Search Engine Friendly”

Your website must aggressively market your business by immediately capturing the interest of those who visit your site and then successfully convert those visitors into sales and profit. Studies show that you have only 3 – 4 seconds once someone lands on your site to capture their attention, or they’re gone. Looks good and “Search Engine Friendly” won’t do you any good if your potential customers are bouncing to your competitors websites.

Find a web design company that will take the time to learn your business, understand your company’s goals and objectives, analyze your market and do the competitive research necessary so that your website can be designed with your specific end game in mind.

Also, please work with a full service agency in designing your website. It’s critical that your site be designed to support and integrate with an online marketing program that will drive the necessary traffic to your website. In short, you can’t capture and convert what you don’t have.

So there it is, job one, have someone do an analysis of your website and your current online marketing efforts, research the competition and provide a comparison. Then create a site design with an integrated marketing program that addresses your specific business goals and objectives, and move forward.

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