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Part 2 of What SMB’s should do Now – Local Search Engine Optimization

Ok, today we are going to continue our series on the four most important things a SMB can do now, to enhance their online presence, protect their reputation, create a positive buzz about their business and grow the bottom line.  If you saw our earlier post this month, hopefully you’re well on your way toward accomplishing step one, acquiring a “Goal Oriented Website.” If you don’t know what a Goal Oriented Website design is all about, we explain it in some detail in the Oct. 13th post.

So once we have our goal oriented website, what’s step two?  Local Search Engine Optimization is the next item for our to-do list.  In 2009 there were 22.7 billion online searches in the U.S. and almost half of them are done with a “Local Intent,” meaning a search for a product or service within a specific geographic area. These local searches continue to grow in number as society becomes more mobile and people rely more and more on their multi-functional smart phones and the increasingly portable netbook and tablet computers.

Why is this so important? Because when people do a mobile search, they intend to buy within the hour. From a PC it’s 7 days.

It’s now more critical than ever for companies to have a strong presence in local search results from the major search engines. So how do we generate really good local search results for our business? The first step is to make sure that you have an accurate, up to date and complete listing with all of the major local search engines and prominent directories.  Most businesses will find that the search engines and directories are already aware that they exist and have compiled a basic listing for their company.

Unfortunately, these listings often contain old and or inaccurate information, wrong locations, different phone numbers and little or no descriptive or promotional information about the company.  These types of listings can do serious harm to a company’s search results. If the information found across the web by search engines, about a specific business, is unclaimed, incomplete or conflicting, that business may not show up at all in search results.

So what to do? Start by finding, claiming and updating your information in the local search engines and directories. A good place to begin is www.getlisted.org this site will tell you if have a listing on some of the major search engines and directories and will provide some necessary information to help you get started in claiming and updating your listings.  However, this is just a start as there can be a number of  site listings that will need to be claimed and updated, including industry specific and relevant directories.

This is a vitally important process, but also labor intensive and extremely time consuming. It can also take a few weeks to a few months for some of your newly claimed and updated listings to be reviewed and the changes approved for updating.  So get started now, but have patience. This may be a task that you want to consider turning over to a professional online marketing agency. What you would pay for this service should easily come back to you in better search results, increased leads and if you followed our advice in step #1, more conversions as well.

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