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Importance Of Having An Online Marketing Plan

kiley2Guest Blog Post By Kathy Estadt, CEO, Fresh Focus Group

In order to have successful business year in 2013, planning is crucial. Being time-efficient and spending money wisely will be essential as trends in e-Commerce and social marketing continue climbing in popularity. Information is now being exchanged at the speed of light. Businesses should make it a priority to keep up and stay ahead of the game by planning strategically and always being prepared.

Strategic communication specialists all across the country predicted the wave of social networking spikes from 2012 and already seem to have a clear idea of what 2013 has in store as well. Businesses and organizations with the goal of maintaining their online presence and reputation have to prepare to submerge themselves into new trends as they rise. Mobile and social PR, online journalism, and LinkedIn are just a few of the communities in which experts are predicting to become even more prominent in the next year. Customizing your sales packages and marketing efforts around these ideas will ensure that your business is able to stay afloat amongst the competition.

A final note to keep in mind while you plan your year is following every trend and being ahead of the curve isn’t enough. Many companies become overwhelmed because they try to do too much and spread themselves too thin. Remember to stay true to your company’s mission and your business goals. Focus on just a few aspects of your marketing, become efficient at those, and gain suitable results before delving into unchartered territory. The online marketing and advertising game can overwhelm even the savviest of savvy business owners if the relevant knowledge and planning isn’t incorporated in the strategy.

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