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Pay Per Click As A Professional Networking Tool

pay per click for professional networkingOne of the most effective professional networking tools available to attract ‘ready-to-buy’ customers is pay-per-click. In sales based organizations, adding more breadth to the suspect and prospect list can be a daunting task if done through traditional networking activities. Proactively using pay-per-click advertising, can shorten the sales cycle by directing customers who are searching online and ready to buy, to your website.


Print, radio, television and other traditional advertising methods cast a wide net, but can be very expensive to deploy. Sales expenses, from car allowances to client entertainment reimbursements to professional association dues used in traditional networking, can also drain the company coffers. Pay per click advertising costs a fraction of traditional methods and can be targeted in order to attract the right kind of consumer at the right place and time. Companies using pay-per-click have been known to cut lead generation expenses by 50-75%, not to mention the sales expense savings by using teleconferencing and screen sharing to close new business.


Pay per click marketing has the most effective tracking capability compared to other forms of  traditional networking. Contact information from traditional networking only finds its way into a company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program or database IF and WHEN employees or sales reps key it in. Pay-per-click ads couples with landing pages and customized contact forms can be connected so that the company database is automatically updated and the HOT LEAD channeled to the sales force designate. This kind of real time information transfer allows you to see where your customers are coming from (where they saw your ad) and what things they were looking for (keywords) to get to your site. This type of professional networking also lets you know what the customer is doing once they get to your site and how many actually buy compared to how many visit. Talk about being able to use a laser beam to build your marketing strategy!

Difficulty Level

Although pay per click is one of the most effective forms of target marketing out there, it is not necessarily easy. You have to be able to put forth the time and effort to keep growing your marketing campaign. This includes, but is not limited to, finding the keywords that work for your site (keyword management), finding new keywords, placing the ad on different sites, bidding for the spot on certain sites, and much more. If you have the time to dedicate to this type of professional networking, it will pay off in a very short time (as compared to other traditional forms).

For more information on how your organization can cut expenses by using Pay Per Click advertising, visit the e-Nertia website.

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