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The Connection Between PPC and Email Marketing

optimizing email marketingNow that you have your website up with the products or services you have to offer, it is time to start planning your email marketing campaign. The importance and the strategy that is used to attract visitors to your website will determine how successful your email marketing will be. Once a person opts in to your email marketing campaign, you have their attention and can give your new customer frequent information about your products leading to sales.

But even before an email marketing campaign can be started there has to be a way to get people to your website. Organic marketing will work, but it will take longer. Writing articles and distributing them through article directories will direct traffic to your website, but a ppc (pay per click) campaign can quite often help drive the right visitors to your site faster.

PPC stands for pay per click. This form advertising can be a bit more expensive but the payoff is in targeted leads. In pay per click ads, small boxes of text or graphics are displayed in every search query that people use on the Internet for specific keywords.

These PPC ad boxes have character limits, so they are short and to the point. Once a person clicks on a PPC advertisement box, they can be directed to your website or landing page. Once there, a visitor can then opt in for a white paper, newsletter or special offer on your products or services.

That is when an email marketing campaign can help create a bond with the customer. The key is frequency. Pelting potential customers with daily “buy our product” emails will lead to information overload and cause the customer to unsubscribe from your list. Obtaining website visitors through PPC ads can be expensive, so crafting a compelling email marketing campaign to encourage visitor loyalty and develop trust is critical to success. What should you include in your emails? How about trying a few of the ideas below:

  • Industry news
  • Product reviews
  • Strategic partner  blog content
  • Tips on how to use your products
  • Special offers on complimentary products
  • Customer testimonials

If you are unsure of how to compose winning PPC (pay per click) advertisements or email marketing content, reach out to a professional who specializes in writing SEO optimized product and service content. The result will be better lead conversions and increased sales from your efforts.

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