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Using Landing Pages And Contact Forms

Bukie Opanuga, CEO, Modavate

Bukie Opanuga

Guest Blog Post by Bukie Opanuga, CEO, Modavate

The concept of promoting business by using landing pages is important, although some marketers still don’t fully grasp how they work. Landing pages accessed by PPC (pay per click), along with contact forms can help secure an email marketing list that really get results. However, proper implementation is essential.

If website visitors click on a PPC (pay per click) ad or a search engine result listing, they should be taken to what is known as a landing page. These pages can boost web traffic by allowing better conversion rates, and they are often used for SEO and marketing campaigns.

Contact forms are just as important as PPC and landing pages, and allow more effective communication with a target audience. Contact lists and landing pages can help you in several ways:

  • Persuade site visitors to provide their email address, by running a competition, in which the email address must be supplied in order to enter.
  • Enjoy better results from PPC and the landing page by employing a call to action approach.
  • You can attract more site visitors by having a well designed and interesting landing page, using a web design company if necessary.
  • Generate traffic by optimizing your landing page.

Landing pages coupled with PPC (pay per click) are the one-two punch for marketers who want to use email marketing to attract customers. By using a good web design firm as well as the tips above, you can get the most out of your landing pages and contact forms.

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