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White Paper: A PPC Technique

Bukie Opanuga, CEO, Modavate

Bukie Opanuga

Guest Blog Post By Bukie Opanuga, CEO, Modavate

White paper is a pay per click (PPC) lead generation technique used by web designers.  This is done to attract targeted visitors to your site to find the white paper offer.  Visitors will see it and sign up for more information.  White papers collect email addresses for businesses to reach out to them later on.  Using this pay per click technique has its pros and cons.

The main advantage of using this PPC technique is capturing email addresses.  With email marketing contact companies may be able to turn those curious visitors into customers or clients.  The companies’ job to grab your attention is to get a professional looking website.  The website needs to have easy navigation, great content and SEO optimization. It is best for companies to use a reputable firm for web design.

The main disadvantage of using this PPC technique is the fear of visitors unsubscribing.  To the visitors, companies seem like a nag and unsubscribing will get them off of their back. The visitor just came to get the white paper or whatever they needed and wants to be left alone.  Furthermore if the company has a reputation of spamming their possible customers or clients they will avoid signing up.  The important thing for companies using white paper PPC is to constantly provide useful content subscribers will be interested in.  Content also needs to be delivered to their email inboxes often; no less than weekly.  White paper PPC is just one way companies target audiences to their product or service. If it is done correctly, it can be very beneficial for your business.

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