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Open Your Big Mouth and Get Paid with Blab Bubble

How would you like to earn money using social media?  You can earn up to .20 cents by posting pay-per-click links to your favorite social media spots by signing up for Blab Bubble; the social media viral PPC marketing company.  Founded by Andrew Lamping in 2012,  Blab Bubble researched social media pay-per-click advertisements and broke it down to discover that localized businesses could benefit more from strategic PPC advertising and today’s social media websites could yield stronger results.  By engaging the social media users and offering cash as an incentive, Blab Bubble now reach millions of followers that can help businesses grow with unlimited PPCs.   Anyone can become a member by signing up (for free!) and start sharing business pay-per-click links.

By offering a brief description and a link, businesses can create a goal by selecting specific boundaries set up by Blab Bubble to determine who should post their information and where.  With these restrictions, advertisers will get the most out of their PPC campaigns and when their goal is achieved, the PPC campaign will automatically close.  Otherwise, the business can choose to opt out of the pay-per-click campaign after an expiration date has been agreed upon.

Blab Bubble users also have a specific set of parameters based on geographic location, age, gender, interests, and the types of social networks they are connected with to determine which pay-per-click ads they will post.  This eliminates spam posts and allows users to engage in pay-per-click advertisements that legitimately interest them and their social networks.  So, if users are going to share interests over the web anyway, why shouldn’t they get paid to do so?  And, if startup businesses in particular could save time and generate more money per click (.40 cents) by eliminating the middle man (the sales people), why wouldn’t they? Look for Blab Bubble to launch this summer!

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