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Social Media Vs Pay Per Click?

Bukie Opanuga, CEO, Modavate

Guest Blog Post By Bukie Opanuga, CEO, Modavate

Social media has become increasingly important in the business world. Business analysts recommend the use of the different social media and internet marketing methods to keep consumers informed about your events, promotions and products.

Internet marketing offers businesses the opportunity to harness their social media presence and integrate it with their websites and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. There are many advantages to these tactics, such as:

1. Increased traffic

Social media and PPC (Pay Per Click), if used correctly, can become a massive source of traffic for business as consumers share the information amongst themselves. Recent surveys show customer traffic increases of over 45% in small businesses within the last 2-4 years.

2. Reduced advertising costs

When small businesses make cuts in their advertising costs, they are shifting their advertising budget away from traditional mediums and in to more measurable efforts such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media marketing. Often the costs of PPC (Pay Per Click) can help a business build awareness and website traffic quickly, while minimally affecting budgets.

3. Increased Visibility

Social media platforms are accessed by millions of people every day. Businesses who know how to take advantage of them can spread their message very quickly with the combination of social media and Pay Per Click (PPC). The Massive interaction that social media has at a worldwide level can boost exposure for all kind of business. If the social media presence is managed correctly, a business can improve their brand image and online traffic at relevantly low costs of acquisition.

How to Spread the Word

A web design firm or online marketing specialist can help with setting up Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and link building to increase traffic in your website, but this is not always enough. You need links and tools that will share the right content with the right people. If you satisfy their needs you will start to develop leads. Social media platforms are an effective tool to augment those campaigns and increase the breadth of market penetration.

Social media buttons and sharing features on your website or blog will encourage users to tweet, share and follow your content themselves. The more your visitors share, the more value is added for you.

Most importantly, don’t forget to create SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rich content. Customers want information that will help them obtain the a specific information. Internet marketing companies can help you move away from traditional selling techniques via PPC (Pay Per Click) and social media in order to increase lead generation and sales.

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