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Managing Your Online Presence and PPC or Pay Per Click Campaigns

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Guest blog post by Charlene Burke, CEO, Search by Burke

Because of the extensive availability of the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to be online. Therefore, people can find all the information about your company without asking you. Various websites will have user reviews, either negative or positive, that allows them to offer their opinion of you. This is why you must take your online reputation management seriously or your pay per click campaigns will suffer.

Maintaining a good reputation online can increase your web traffic significantly. Having good reviews about your company will cause customers seeking to do business with you. If you’re involved in PPC or pay per click, you may receive more clicks depending on how well you brand your image.

The downside is that when people read bad reviews about your company, they usually tell their family and friends. Your PPC campaigns can take a nosedive should potential customers see this. Another problem is that word can continue to spread fast, whether online or via word of mouth. In either case, pay per click campaigns may struggle.

Making your online reputation an important priority can save your PPC campaigns and effort. An important step is to engage with your customers directly. Most PPC campaigns do not see income until customers begin clicking on links. The other important agenda to have is trust. Without trust and transparency in your PPC campaigns or websites, your reputation will fall.

Despite negative reviews you may receive from customers, try to alleviate the situation promptly. Addressing negative comments or reviews in a professional manner will help your PPC campaigns flourish and your Internet presence to grow.

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