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PPC Brings Traffic To Your Website Quickly

ppc brings traffic to website quicklyGuest Blog Post By Charlene Burke, CEO, Search By Burke

The most important element in any business is its customers. The income from your business, the profits and the reputation of your business are all provided by your customers. What every business wants is a way to bring customers to your offers. When you think about it, one of the things people love more than anything else is getting a reward, and especially one of value. This is exactly what PPC—pay per click—can do for customers when crafted the right way.

There are dozens of ways to get traffic to your website or business. The one that will provide the most traffic quickly is PPC. Pay per click works exactly as its name implies. When a customer clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays for the click. If the PPC ad has been well planned, that click will take the customer directly to the landing page or product or service for which they have been searching. By not having to search through a website, the customer is rewarded for the click.

PPC is a great method when you want traffic fast. However, many online retailers make the fatal mistake of directing traffic from their PPC ad merely to their home page. This frustrates the consumer and leads to higher than average bounce rates. When you take the time to understand pay per click and split test different ads to see which ones bring the most customers to your website, PPC can be a very effective way of getting traffic and sales quickly.

If you have an online store or want to make money online, pay per click can be an excellent way to get your business off to a running start. A word of caution, it is best to start with a small ad budget amount until you learn what works and what doesn’t. Once you know which ads bring the most potential customers to your offer, you can increase and bid for the higher ranking PPC keywords.

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