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Using SEO and Pay Per Click To Boost Sales

Farrah Holder, CEO, ThinkNXT MarketingGuest Blog Post By Farrah Holder, CEO, ThinkNXT Marketing

According to Seohorizon,a digital marketing website, 53% of those interviewed stated that SEO has the greatest impact on generating sales leads, followed by 28% for pay per click or PPC.  It’s possible to make more money on your internet marketing endeavors by using pay per click promotions. PPC is one of the best ways for promoting and developing your online product. There are five effective methods that can be used to help you increase your revenue using PPC Internet marketing.

Creating a list
By creating a list of traffic e-mails on a squeeze page you have the option of offering viewers free items such as free e-books as well as other Internet marketing videos in exchange for the e-mail addresses. In this way you can build up a list of prospective buyers and forward them an e-book from a website that gives you the option of promoting your products for purchase.

Promoting affiliate products
By promoting affiliate products from sites such as a Click Bank or Commission Junction you simply sell items from a list. You can create a pay per click ad for the affiliates product which helps to drive traffic to your site. It’s an excellent way to drive traffic to the product.

Promoting your own products
In order to use this method you need to have your own product and then create a blog site that will drive traffic to the website that contains your product or products. You will have to purchase a domain and hosting site which is quite easy and this will allow you to earn more.

Selecting excellent affiliate promotional materials

When you create your very own  pay per click advertisement you will get a better understanding of which keywords you should use and which ads will give you the best results. Some people don’t get the purpose of giving information out to affiliates, the reason for this according to the experts is that the more affiliates you have promoting your product and more earnings you can expect to achieve.

It is well known that PPC marketing can help to drive streams of traffic to your website which additionally makes it a good method to test your site. In other words it would allow you to visually see your sales and make any necessary changes. It is one of the best ways to preview how your site will be performing and will help to improve the performance of your PPC method.

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