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How Pay Per Click (PPC) Will Help Your Business Grow

mouseBusinesses are constantly searching for ways to improve their conversion rate of new customers. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to accomplish this goal.

Because PPC campaigns use advertisements that show up alongside search engine results based on user search criteria and are designed to drive traffic to a business’ website, Pay per click advertising provides an extremely high return on investment (ROI).  A business only pays when the link is clicked, which means 1) they do not have to pay to reach people who are not potential customers and 2) the budget for PPC can be controlled, allowing a business to keep costs down and manageable while starting an advertising campaign.  As is the case with other forms of traditional marketing, there is not as much waste in the way of how advertising dollars are spent, allowing the concentration to be entirely on driving relevant customers to a website.

Pay per click campaigns are designed to be targeted, partly due to the use of keywords.  A business can choose keywords designed to relate to their business and attracting the attention of their ideal client, so that their PPC advertisements will show up during searches for those chosen keywords.  The audience is targeted by what they are searching for, which in turn keeps only relevant, interested visitors coming to the business’ site.

Many advertising campaigns take time to grow and become successful, yet in the hands of a seasoned online marketing professional, pay per click campaigns can start working immediately.  In many instances, through the use of targeted keywords and choosing the right demographic, there is no need to wait for awareness to grow as with other forms of marketing.  A website can gain immediate traffic from a PPC campaign and not have to rely on building links or a customer base. (Please note: this is not a recommendation to cease using other forms of online marketing. Online marketing components are designed to work together in tandem and an experienced SEO or online marketing specialist will use all of them when forming an overall strategy to derive a return on marketing investment.)

The use of a pay per click campaign also allows the results to be tracked and measured.  The results can show everything from what keywords are working to which geographic area is generating the most traffic to the website.  The tracking data also shows how many of the clicks resulted in a sale or conversion for the business, letting a business know the success rate of their marketing efforts.

With a strong short term ROI, easily measured results and immediate targeted advertisements, it just makes sense for a business to utilize a PPC campaign in their marketing channels.

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