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Do’s and Don’ts About Your Brands Reputation

Guest Blog by Charlene Burke, CEO of Search By Burke Marketing Group

Your brand’s name is always top priority. Brand management is important because other people’s opinions can make or break your brand. Developing your company involves more than the creation and selling of high-quality products you need extra protection for it to grow.

Negative news spreads quickly so companies should always be alert. Follow these “Do’s and Don’ts” to focus and improve your reputation management skills. Not all published statements are good and a few bad comments may damage can ruin your hard-earned business reputation. As such, every business should invest in marketing tactics such as PPC and product reputation management techniques.

Here are some reputation and marketing tactics, such as pay per click that you can use right now:

Do not
• Treat bad PR carelessly
• Think that messages are unimportant
• Publish one-way social media messages
• Post personal or highly emotional statuses using social media
• Forget online techniques such as SEO and PPC
• Make your websites, PPC, and social media pages professional
• Publish involving and informative statuses
• Post charitable social media statements
• Listen to any issues from your followers
• Learn from and study your followers
• Connect with followers

Just look at Miley Cyrus and Alex Rodriguez to see how poor image can ruin your business. The key for success is to get life’s lemons, make delicious lemonade, sell them and then enjoy your profits. Reputation and Marketing Management tactics such as PPC, pay per click should be vital for your firm’s marketing plan.

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