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The Best Practices Using PPC and Social Media

Farrah Holder, CEO, ThinkNXT MarketingGuest Blog post by Farrah Holder, CEO of ThinkNXT Marketing Group

Social media is a great resource to start your online marketing campaign, it can do wonders for your business. Unfortunately, there are very many mistakes that a person can make while using this tool. Many people make the mistake of assuming that managing a business social media account is the same as managing a personal one. Next I will explain the best practices when it comes to utilizing PPC and social media.

Business owners should have separate accounts for their businesses. The business account should aim to show the human side of the business without giving overload information.
Many people assume that the more likes they have on their business page, the more sales they will make. What matters is the quality of the likes and not the quantity. If you can turn followers into customers, then a 100 followers are better than a million followers who are not customers.
Finally, you need to put more thought into what you are posting on your business page. If you manage to avoid simple mistakes and use pay-per-click or PPC effectively, you will be able to attract more customers and increase your sales.

Social media, together with PPC can be very effective. If you do not know how to use these resources, then you need to hire an expert in PPC and social media marketing. Implementing pay-per-click or hiring a PPC expert to lend you a hand may be costly but the results are worth every dime spent. Be sure to take your time to find the best PPC and social media expert available.

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