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Pay Per Click: Google SEO Techniques

Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management

When it comes to online marketing, things are always changing at a rapid speed. Ranking on a search engine like Google, for example, can change periodically depending on many different factors. This does make things somewhat difficult for smaller businesses out there. Many such businesses have experienced steep drops owing to changes in Google search algorithms. However, one must never assume on this account that rankings are a matter of pure chance.

There are more than two-hundred different factors involved when it comes to Google rankings. There are sites who engage in black hat SEO strategies. However, Google always finds them in the end and in the next update, they lose their high rank positions to sites that have played it fair.

One of the main goals of Google in changing the algorithms from time to time is to discredit the sites who employ unfair techniques and look to boost their rankings artificially. So, the simplest way to get a good ranking and get saved from the ire of Google is to know the rules and play it fair.

Well-written content and proper optimization of it is one of the basic factors when it comes to achieving a good ranking. Other important factors include URL structure, headline tags, proper placement of keywords, choosing the keywords right, and proper use of social media platforms and other advertising techniques such as pay per click.

A high ranking is essential for any business to gain better web traffic and greater visibility. However, one must make sure that one plays by the rules of the game. Using black hat techniques can only make you fall further the next time around.

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