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The Benefit of Reviewing Your Pay Per Click

Ron Durant, CEO, e-Nertia Online Marketing

Blog Post by Ron Durant, CEO of e-NERTIA Marketing

As the year comes to a close, it is important for businesses to create a year-end review so they can see what was working, what wasn’t, and what should be changed as they move into the New Year.  This is when marketing products are typically reviewed and analyzed to see what was profitable and aligned with the target market, and what needs to be worked on.

If a business has been using Pay Per Click in their marketing mix then now is when the data should be pulled and reviewed.  Have the keywords been driving traffic, and has that traffic been creating sales?  Has the target market changed and the keywords need updating?  Chances are, there will be an old gap or a new opportunity that shows itself when going over the data for the Pay Per Click year-end review.

Marketing, and Pay Per Click particularly, should provide a return on investment for a business, and the year-end review of the marketing program should be able to show what areas were creating a profit and a return on investment for the company, and what areas were operating at a loss.  With Pay Per Click, the keywords and settings can be analyzed; perhaps a certain keyword worked well in a certain geographic zone, but was a loss in another.  Now the business needs to decide if the keyword and location focus should change, or if the marketing should aim to increase the use of the keyword; and the profitability of these decisions should be weighed.

The year-end review might seem like a daunting task to undertake, but the information gained from performing one will be extremely beneficial for any company.

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