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Making Changes to Pay Per Click

Ron Durant, CEO, e-Nertia Online MarketingBlog Post by Ron Durant, CEO of e-NERTIA Marketing

When analyzing your year end review and the benefits you gained from your Pay Per Click campaign, you may be able to see problems and solutions for your business, but not know how to put those changes in motion.  Sometimes these changes look easy on paper, but once you try to institute them they seem much more difficult to accomplish.

However, not doing anything at all to fix the issues raised during the year end review will cause more problems and work than if they had been taken care of.  Some items, such as hiring new employees or creating a training program, will take up valuable time and cost the business money up front.  These costs and time are not lost if you spend it wisely on the business, but are instead investments for future success.

To help break the list of problems and solutions into manageable parts, start by organizing it into groups based on areas of the business such as financial, employees, or marketing and Pay Per Click campaigns.  Then, within these groups rank each item by either importance or ease of accomplishing to give yourself a road map of where to start.  Work on the smaller and easier tasks to get yourself used to making these changes, and then you will be able to make larger changes as needed.

So, now instead of getting overwhelmed by the list of changes that the year end review found for your company, you can get to work improving your business into one ready to face the upcoming business year.  Whether you are expanding the business offerings or reworking the Pay Per Click campaign, being able to change based on the review findings will make your business stronger for the competitive business world.

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