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Happy Employees are better at Pay Per Click

If you did not have employees in your business, you would not be able to run things, operate any transactions, or even be able to have effective Pay Per Click campaigns.  This is why it is important to treat your employees well and let them know when they are doing a great job.  By creating an incentive plan you will motivate them to work harder, better, and be more productive and innovative.

A thing to think about when making an incentive plan is to ensure that the reward that you offer is clearly specified, and that it has clear objectives.  You want to be sure that the goals are clear so that people who are reaching them know what they have done, and know what they have left to do.  Also, you need to be sure that you reward every single person who reaches a defined goal.  If the goal is to reach a certain sales number, reward everyone who reaches that goal and not just the employee with the highest sales.  Being fair and consistent is important because you have to be sure that nobody feels left out, and that they do not feel neglected.

Incentives and rewards are great because it’s a way to allow people to know they are getting recognized and thanked for their work.  Using this plan allows them to receive an incentive, but for a clear reason.  Not allowing people to know why they are receiving an incentive can lead to confusion.  Also be sure to recognize and give praise when a person does something good, or when they reach a goal.  Making people wait until later can take the glimmer out of what they did, or make them think that you do not care.  With satisfied employees who receive notice when they excel, your business and its Pay Per Click campaigns will reach their full potential.

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