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Evaluating Your Pay Per Click Marketing Plan

As your business moves into 2014, another important area for you to re-evaluate in your marketing plan is your Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.  Done correctly, a Pay Per Click campaign can market directly to your target audience, and provides measurable return on investment and the ability to test results.  Done incorrectly, and you will waste your company’s budget sending messaging to uninterested audiences.

The first area to focus on when evaluating your Pay Per Click campaign is whether the goals are clearly defined.  If they are not, then the campaign will be unfocused and chaotic, leaving you unable to determine whether the campaign was successful or not.  Once the overall goals have been determined, it is important to look at whether the campaign is attracting the customers that you want to convert.  The keywords you are using may be bringing in traffic, but is that traffic performing how you want to, or are they coming to your site and then immediately leaving?

Pay Per Click campaigns also need some time to run before they show success, so make sure when evaluating to check to see how long each campaign ran.  The solution to an unsuccessful campaign may be that it ran for too short of a time, or ran during a time when the specific keywords were not relevant.  Research what searches bring traffic to your site, and track these over time to find any patterns that can be incorporated into your Pay Per Click campaign.

Pay Per Click campaigns can always use re-evaluation to determine what is working and how to improve success, making it essential to put time and attention into making yours as effective as possible.

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