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Increasing Pay Per Click Success Rates

A benefit of using Pay Per Click campaigns for your business is that they provide the ability to see results quickly, and test different options at the same time.  These options allow for a business to quickly change and alter their Pay Per Click campaign to make it as profitable and successful as possible.

Since the combination of specific keywords, geography, and advertisement copy determine the success of the campaign, each of these can be tested thoroughly through A/B testing to figure out which one will create the best return on investment for the business.  Two keywords can be tested against each other, keeping the geography and copy the same, then different locations, and finally different advertisement copy.  When performing the A/B tests, it is important that only one aspect change between the two, otherwise it will be hard to determine what caused the change.

Once you have analyzed what worked best in each category, the results can be combined and tested even more.  Often, simply combining the best performing aspects together does not create the highest returns, so the final result should still be tested and continuously improved.

Location is important to remember too, many Pay Per Click campaigns can be targeted down to specific Zip codes.  If a campaign is not performing well in a certain location, try changing the focus to one nearby.  It might be as simple as changing neighborhoods for your campaign to find success.

Finally, since the click is driving traffic to your site, it is essential that the site does everything it can to make the experience positive for the customer.  If you are paying for someone to click through to your website, don’t make them then search for the product or make it hard to check out.  Putting any obstacles in the way of your website visitors will only cause you to lose money from your Pay Per Click campaign, instead of finding success.

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