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Pitfalls of Reactive Only Marketing

When you only utilize reactive marketing your business will begin to suffer from the pitfalls that this can bring.  While reactive only marketing might have worked in the past, the world and advertising industry have changed to where a business has to use proactive marketing to survive.

When you focus on being reactive in your marketing it means that you will fall behind on trends and new technologies, which will keep your business from being ahead of the curve.  The world, and how consumers search for products and services, is changing constantly and only a business that is aware of and embraces these changes will succeed.

If your marketing is reactive it means that you won’t have a marketing plan that is results driven.  It will only be focused on keeping up with the competition and you won’t be able to see the results of your marketing, just the results of lagging behind the others.  When you have a proactive marketing plan it will let you know that your time and budget returned an investment.

Being reactive will also cause you to follow what might seem like a good opportunity, but is really taking away from your brand’s image or marketing effort.  By focusing on pre-decided tactics and opportunities, your business will not waste effort and money on opportunities that aren’t right for your company.

Marketing is a very deadline focused industry, and if you aren’t planning ahead for your marketing you will miss out on opportunities due to missed deadlines.  If you’re just reacting to a competitor’s advertisement by creating your own, by the time yours is made it will be too late.  However, if you’re the one to put the advertisements out first, your competition will be rushing to follow after you.

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    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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