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How To Use Search Engine Optimization

Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, President & Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management


It’s easy to get caught up in the ever changing world of search engine optimization, but getting to focused on optimizing can cause you to forget what your website was created for in the first place. Whenever you are working on SEO, be sure to think about the core use of SEO: what are users searching for, and how can my site help them find it? If you stray from this then your site might be highly optimized, but not get any visitors because it doesn’t fit their needs.

There are a few techniques for utilizing search engine optimization while still being useful to the website visitor, something that search engine algorithms and your customers will thank you for.
The first is to have a business blog, where you can show the personality of your brand and address your customers more casually. Adding useful content through a blog will go a long way towards improving your SEO, and give your website visitors useful, engaging information to keep them coming back.

The next is to remember to have different traffic sources to bring visitors to your site. While having high rankings in search engines is important it can also change overnight, either through algorithm changes or competitors creating content that outperforms yours. Other sources of traffic for your website can come from email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, traditional advertising methods, and of course word of mouth. Having a diverse group of traffic sources will help your website rank as more important, but also weather any potential issues that might arise.

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