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Mistakes To Avoid When Using Search Engine Optimization

As important as search engine optimization is to your website’s success, it can be daunting and worrisome to know if you’re doing the right thing. Even though live online is fast paced, search engine optimization is a slow and steady process. As long as you’re continuously working on your SEO and avoiding these common mistakes you’ll be sure to see steady improvements in your website.

Keywords are at the core of search engine optimization, and without reliable keyword research to base the search engine optimization on you will just be wasting time. Keywords are what the search engines use to categorize, retrieve and rank your website, and what people use to find your website. You may think that you can guess what keywords are bringing customers to your website, but people search in ways that aren’t typical and you’ll be missing out on large amounts of traffic if the right keywords aren’t optimized for.

The newer search engine algorithms have gotten smarter and are designed to provide searchers with content that is useful and the most relevant it can be. Your website content can be stuffed full of keywords, but if that makes it useless and unreadable to the human users the search engines will recognize it and punish the site in rankings. Make sure the content you create for your website is useful and engaging to the human readers, as well as optimized for the search engines. You wouldn’t want to visit a website that was just a list of keywords, and the search engines realize this.

Social media and search engines have joined together to create a single entity, and if you aren’t active and engaging on social media this will now show up in search results. Rankings are now based on the social popularity of sites and their links, so ones that get shares and likes are more likely to rank higher than those that aren’t active on social media.

Finally, make sure the website is easy to use and enjoyable to look at. What your website provides could be the most useful, worthwhile information the visitors have ever seen, but if it is hard to find or look at it will drive traffic away. You wouldn’t bring customers into an unorganized and dirty store, so why think they’ll act differently online?

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