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The Effectiveness Of Native Advertising

Today, consumers are not only smart, but skeptical and more aware of traditional marketing strategies aimed at getting them to buy, making these methods less effective. Native Advertising is a new type of marketing that many brands are using for successful marketing.

Native Advertising does not intrude or disrupt a customer’s experience, instead it flows more naturally and appears “native” to the content surrounding it.

Native Advertising is not only more easily noticed and less intrusive, but it also has the advantage of being able to more clearly target and focus marketing efforts than more traditional methods. It is possible to target online ads based on browsing habits, age, demographics and even what the consumer is currently viewing.

Native Advertising is effective when brands sponsor or create content that has relevance to what the consumer is already viewing. The content should not only be relevant, but also provide entertainment or information that is related to the content being viewed. This way, anyone reading or researching a particular topic will see advertising that is relevant to their interest and will be more likely to click on the ad to get additional information related to the subject.

Once a user has clicked on the brand’s advertising and is reading their content, marketing messages can be mixed in with the advertising to drive additional sales. A direct sales approach should not be used, otherwise it would make the reader too aware of the fact that they are just being marketed to. Instead, the content that is relevant should provide a reason for the reader to consider that brand. Since the reader is not being disrupted with the content, they will likely be more open when it comes to considering the marketing message.

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