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Using Native Advertising

Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, President & Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management


It is so vitally important with native advertising campaigns to carefully think through the best ways to utilize native advertising and specifically what it is you want to plan for, as there are just so many new platforms and medias to use.  Simply jumping in and moving ahead without careful planning and research of what is best and correct for your brand could result very easily in the campaign being a failure and quite possibly damaging and negative to the brand.

To begin with, do not treat your native advertisement as a marketing material, but instead as content. You want to draw a response from the audience, add something to their experience, and through the art of storytelling connect them with the brand. If the audience feels they are being marketed via a blatant advertisement, they are going to turn a deaf ear to it.  Before beginning the campaign, make an effort in the creation of an appealing content strategy.

Connecting to the audience with content is one of the best methods to create brand loyalists and positive sales. If the content strategy is not carefully planned, the audience will not be getting the best content and the chance will be missed to turn them into customers. The intended audiences do not connect through traditional advertising but rather through content, making it so vital your strategy is appealing and worth connecting with.

One of native advertising’s major pluses is that it can be targeted directly to those who will have an interest in it. This is why it is so vitally important to carefully research just what platforms your targeted audience uses, and just where within those platforms they are found. The campaign will not be successful at all if the audience is on Twitter and the native advertising is sent out via Facebook.

Finally, be completely honest the created content you will be publishing is in fact sponsored and supported by your brand. The goal of native advertising is to create the marketing to look like simply another piece of content. Customers will get angry and feel they were lied to when it is hidden too well. The goal is customer enjoyment and satisfaction and not to have them ever feel they were hoodwinked or deceived in any way.

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