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Developing Personality With Social Media

Branding plays an important role in the marketing of any business, regardless of industry. When branding your business, you should treat your business like a living human being.  Is your business personality excited, calm, funny or friendly? What kind of movies does your business enjoy? Where would it go on vacation and what book would it read in its spare time? When creating an online marketing plan, you should consider the personality of your brand and show it off using social media.

Use your online marketing skills to reflect your brand’s personality in the biography and “About Us” sections for your social media accounts. This is not the place to copy your history or repeat your mission statement. Make the description fun to read by letting your brand’s humor shine. If your message is a serious one, the tone of your description should reflect that.

People are drawn to others because they have similar interests and get along with each other well. Your brand’s personality should be appealing enough to customers that they want to build a lasting relationship. Treat your customers like the individuals that they are instead of making them feel like just one in a crowd. Social media interaction is an effective online marketing tool that allows you to form strong relationships with customers and potential customers.

Many business owners make the mistake of exploiting social media relationships to introduce new products or repeat their latest sales pitch. A better use of social media interaction is to focus on your brand’s personality to draw people in and make them want to hear all about what you have to sell when the time is right.

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