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Ways to Engage an Audience with Online Marketing

Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, President & Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management


The marketing industry has had to adapt to new technology and changes, and changing preferences for how their audiences want to be communicated to.  The masses no longer respond positively to one message sent through a  single media.

Audiences want sophisticated, yet easily accessible, marketing that makes them feel like the company actually cares about and is communicating to them as an individual person.

Utilizing this strategy will mean that if the audience likes your marketing message they will want to share it so everyone knows about your product.  When your audience is sharing your marketing message for you it significantly increases your success and efficiency.

There are several ways to encourage sharing your marketing message:


If you seed a message within a certain audience and that audience decides to tell others in their network about your message, that is “word of mouth” marketing. It often happens organically, though certain incentives can be put in place to encourage word of mouth. For example, you can offer certain members of your audience rewards when they help spread your marketing message.


Viral marketing allows a marketing message to spread quickly and efficiently, much like an actual virus, which is how it got its name.  The message moves across a platform slow at first, but eventually reaches an exponential, fast growth. This happens because one member of your audience views the viral message then shares it with their network. This results in an extremely high number of in a short period of time with little effort from the company.


Buzz marketing means a brand appears to be communicating one-on-one with an audience member in a way that makes the interaction unique and memorable. Hopefully, this results in multiple audience members feeling like such an insider that they share your brand message with others.

Again, rewards also serve as great incentives for audience members to share your brand. Rewards can include include giving away samples of the product or allowing audience members to participate in some kind of marketing event. These rewards allow audience members to talk about your product with others, sharing a positive experience that resonates into your market success.

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