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Create A Buzz With Online Marketing

When a new service or product is about to be released online marketing techniques, such as buzz marketing, are often used; it can also be used in order to create renewed interest if a product has become stagnant. When using buzz marketing, every interaction with a customer must be treated as something interesting and unique. It should never feel like you are using online marketing to send your audience a sales pitch, rather it should provide them with something that they can discuss with others.

Buzz marketing efforts are implemented with some type of theatrics or stunt in order to get people talking. Rather than just standing in a store handing out samples, a buzz marketer might have someone decked out in a costume hand out the samples in a location that one wouldn’t expect. Buzz marketing is often used in Super Bowl advertising, utilizing advertising that generally has very little to do with the actual brand being promoted, but is designed more to get people talking about the advertisement. Additional buzz is created because audience members will continue to talk about the commercial, ensuring there are numerous groups of people discussing the promotion.

Online marketing involves social media and the utilization of these online networks is an excellent way to increase the influence of buzz marketing on an audience. A stunt can easily be distributed through social media or the stunt could create the buzz that will have people turning to social media in order to discuss it.

Once buzz marketing has created the interest to get people talking, online marketing and social media can also be utilized to ensure these conversations continue. Buzz marketers can reach out not only to social media influencers, but to bloggers as well; allowing them to get interested in helping to spread the marketing message, which creates additional buzz among their own followers.

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