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How to Use Mobile Marketing- Part 2

Mobile Web Marketing

Because so many people today are viewing the web with their mobile devices, the usual web advertising isn’t reaching the masses it did before.  Lots of websites are using responsive design when sites are created, which enables them to scale to working properly on mobile devices. Some site create their own mobile pages. This gives them full customization and enables them to display their mobile marketing in a very effective manner.

QR Codes

Developed originally to help auto manufacturers track parts, QR Codes are a fast and easy way of providing a link between online content and the real world. All users have to do is scan their QR Code using a mobile device, and they can see a broad range of branded content. In spite of its vast potential, QR codes haven’t caught on as well as predicted. However, when used properly they can be successful.

GPS and Location Based

Nearly all mobile devices now carry a GPS device within them. This allows mobile marketers a way to track where their user is going. A lot of devices also carry some type of location detection system as well. Whenever users happen to walk near a store, that brand is able to utilize the GPS tracking capabilities to send a message to that device and entice that person to shop there. Once in the store, the GPS tracking system is used for researching how that shopper moves through the store, sending messages as they move around in the store. It is powerful marketing.

New Technology

It appears that every new mobile device today is coming out with new technologies already included. Mobile marketers are finding new and better ways of utilizing each new technology. NFC (Near Field Communication) is being used on a lot of devices. This involves a small transmitter that sends information to the user’s device. A good example of this technology is how a poster is able to send out more information to a specific user when they are walking by.

Only a few brands have been able to use augmented reality successfully. However, its impact has been huge. Augmented reality utilizes the camera on mobile devices and the screen for superimposing content onto the real-world screen image. Online marketing and mobile marketing have truly evolved together, with mobile marketing really charging the gate.

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