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Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Local SEO Campaigns

Although local SEO is a very effective way to reach targeted in audiences in your area who are already looking for your services, it has be used properly and there are a number of specific mistakes that you must avoid. If you make these mistakes, they can have a negative impact on your listing, rather than helping it and if too many errors are made, you website could be punished by search engines with a low ranking.

The biggest mistake that a company might make is creating several different accounts through a single search engine, thereby resulting in duplicate listings. This is a major red flag to search engines, which will then rank the site lower. You might think that you can can increase exposure and boost your online marketing returns by having multiple accounts for a single location, but this is simply not true.

The next mistake that a lot of companies make in their online marketing campaigns and when creating local listings is not using the same information in every listing. It important for listings to be identical across the board or else this could place each listing in competition with the others, thereby lowering your ranking. This commonly happens when addresses have slight changes such as “Rd” in one listing and “Road” in the other, or using a different telephone number.

Businesses can also make the mistake of failing to perform keyword research for their online marketing campaigns and SEO endeavors and good keyword research must be used in their listings. This is a vital place to optimize for keywords and doing diligent research will additionally increase exposure for non-local searches.

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