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Make Your Website Design Stand Out

It must be absolutely and immediately clear to any visitor to your website what your company or product is, and having an easy to use website is one of the most important aspects of online marketing.  Many online users who simply cannot figure out what a website is trying to tell them or what the company specializes in will simply move on to the next site in the search engine listings.  Most of us have done that before.

Online marketing is all about attracting new customers and keeping your existing ones, and you can increase your chances of doing that by having visually appealing and informative text and images. Your website is not as appealing to customers if your images are boring or out of focus, or are obviously stock photos. You only have a few seconds to get your point across and get the customer’s attention, making it essential to do everything you can to attract and keep someone’s attention. You should consider redesigning your website if you feel it is confusing, difficult to navigate or it isn’t obvious what your company or product is all about.

Consider the basics of color theory when designing your website, and most of us have a grasp of such concepts as red meaning exciting and lively, and blue meaning calm or peaceful. The colors you use can say a lot about you and your company and brand. Using gray and blue colors are not likely to get any visitor to your site excited, although that doesn’t mean you cant use those colors. Some color combinations are hard to read and should be avoided when trying to be effective at online marketing, such as dark text against a dark background or neon colors.

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