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Optimizing Your Website’s Design

Terry Boddie, Agency Liaison Director, Marketing Media ManagementGuest Blog post by Terry Boddie, President & Agency Liaison Director at Marketing Media Management


If you believe that these are issues that are troubling your online marketing campaigns and your website are preventing visitors from engaging and meeting the goals of your site, this could cause some panic. You shouldn’t worry, however, as it isn’t necessary to redesign your site from the ground up in order to increase its efficacy and the returns that you are getting from your online marketing efforts. There are a number of small tweaks that will dramatically enhance your website design and your online marketing returns.

Changing the font is the first, easy step that you can take to update and freshen your web pages so that your site is easier to use overall. Simply create several test pages using different colors and fonts and then run a test to see how people like these changes and respond to them. You might like the look of a particular font but could discover during the testing phase that other people are having a hard time reading it. You are also able to use this test to alter placement and sizing in order to see which options capture the most attention.

Altering the background image or color on your site is just as easy and just as effective. Use photos that are interesting and engaging rather than stock photography and chose colors that fit your brand and your brand personality. Also, make sure to try out different versions, given that people who implement these designs are usually too close to them to identify problems when critiquing them.

Altering the logo of your brand is something else that you can do quickly and easily. The logo is frequently hidden at the bottom of the site or if it is placed at the top it might be too small. You want people who visit your pages to know that they are on the correct pages for you brand and you want them to recognize your brand immediately and thus, the logo should be prominent. Do not go overboard and make this so big that it takes up the whole screen as you want the site to be aesthetically pleasing overall just like all of your other online marketing efforts.

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