About Us

e-NERTIA Marketing is a full service website design, online and mobile media
marketing agency based in Blue Springs, Missouri.  The founding members of
e-NERTIA Marketing have over 50 years of combined experience in various
market sectors, primarily in the travel and entertainment, financial
services, consumer goods and the telecommunications markets.

Ron Durant, President of e-NERTIA Marketing, has been a partner to progressive
business owners for over 25 years, and his team of skilled designers and
marketers are ready to help you use the power of the internet to "Move Your
Business Forward".


Improve the marketing ROI and grow the bottom line for our clients by
enhancing their online presence, generating additional leads and converting
more of these leads into sales.


Everything we do is based on a goal oriented bottom line approach for our
clients.  We first take the time to learn about your business, your
industry, your current situation including perceived strengths and
weaknesses, short and long term goals, your target market and the
competitive environment within that market.

Once we understand your current situation and business goals, we will do an
in depth competitive research and marketing analysis to use as a basis for our
recommendations. We will then present a cost effective multi-channel
internet marketing program, uniquely designed to help each client achieve
their specific business objectives.


Our strength is in our people. We have a highly skilled and experienced
design team, and our creative director has been building state of the art
websites for almost 10 years. More importantly, we realize that it's not
enough to just build websites that look good and are "Search Engine
Friendly." e-NERTIA Marketing websites are developed to support and
integrate with a six point online marketing program uniquely designed to
help each client achieve their specific business objectives.

The members of our marketing team are specialized in the various aspects of
online marketing and as a member of a nationwide network of over 70 online
marketing agencies we can scale up to handle the requirements of any size

To find out more about the tremendous potential of online marketing, please
contact us and let us demonstrate how we can use the power of the internet
to move your business forward.
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